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Birth of the Cool - Miles Davis

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best jazzThe birth of cool is the first key date for the head of Miles Davis, one of the most influential figures in jazz and visionary practitioners. After making his reputation playing mostly with the balance of payments giant Charlie Parker, Davis hopes confused when he saw that the parameters of the "cool-style" of the Gil Evans, arranger Claude Thornhill hug. Evans, who has demonstrated a unique, adding French horns and tuba instrument Thornhill also emphasizes the use of vibrato was reduced in both reeds and brass, produce, dry, cool sound. Two schemes "Boplicity Evans, and" Moon Dreams "on this album. Also participated baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, beautiful songs to contribute as Jeru" and "Venus de Milo" and the Modern Jazz Quartet pianist John Lewis. The result is a date that has stood the test of time, fashion, and his own growth as an extraordinary interpreter Davis. series of complete, incomplete deliveries Best, higher IPO documents smuggled Davis Nonet Live at the Royal Roost in New York in 1948. Although less than perfect sound quality, outstanding performance related to additional costs for true fans.

Track Listing

1. Move
2. Jeru
3. Moon Dreams
4. Venus de Milo
5. Budo
6. Deception
7. Godchild
8. Boplicity
9. Rocker
10. Israel
11. Rouge
12. Darn That Dream

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