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Stanley Clarke Band

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Record renowned bassist Stanley Clarke, Stanley Clarke Band, in contrast to previous releases acoustic bass, Clarke said that the music in this album fresh and unlike almost everything he did before. Produced by Clarke and Lenny White, the range of material together at band Stanley Clarke left the business to a new level of experimentation with weapons of bass instruments. Clarke compares this new version of the album's first three solo careers: Journey To Love Stanley Clarke, and at school, with a long line of electrical components in such a way listeners.

"Technically, this is a record of Stanley Clarke, but rather aims to record the band at the same time, Clarke said." I can be a leader, but they all have an important role in what happened. If the projects can be regarded as a ship, I could towards the ship and all natural. But all hands on deck had been decided, and all have played a major role in us to our destination. "

A new outbreak of Clarke, the album includes original compositions by band members. He was accompanied by keyboardist Ruslan Sirota Band Stanley Clarke and drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr. - who recorded with him for most of five years. innovative young musicians, they practically grew up in Gaza Clarke and brings freshness that he admires. After the Jazz in 2009 recognized in the garden, this artist Hiromi Uehara is a collaboration between the two registration Clarke. a solid working bass Clarke and the complex serves as a perfect foil for the brand-fire and meat expressive piano, as evidenced by a trio of praise as a very good effort "(Bass) and a CD of jazz years" (San Jose Mercury News).

"There are people in other Stanley Clarke Band, then I say something," said Clarke. 'All the people at this project have made their music style and ideas of each section may be different., But the thread which runs through the whole issue is that we all work as one unit in each song.

Other players in supporting the plaster from the album, singer Cheryl Bentyne (longtime member of Manhattan Transfer), guitarist Charles Altura, Rob Bacon, Armand Sabal Lecco-, saxophonist Bob Sheppard, Synthesizer Bass Lorenzo "Larry" Dunn (Earth Wind & Fire fame), keyboardist Andrew Felton Pilate blazers Lippmann and John Papenbrook and drum programmer Chris Clarke and Jon Hakakian.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Stanley Clarke's band, the origin of biological incredible - the popular sense of creativity that is outside of all efforts for the music to specific market segments to adjust. Clarke concludes: "This is the last electric album, I'll take some time. The legacy of this release is that I have a lot of hardware and duties are the new generation of bass to catch. I have been working hard bass to provide a clear voice, and I'm glad once he was. "

Track Listing

  1. Soldier
  2. Fulani
  3. Here's Why Tears Dry
  4. I Wanna Play for You Too
  5. Bass Folk Song No. 10
  6. No Mystery
  7. How Is The Weather Up There?
  8. Larry Has Traveled 11 Miles and Waited a Lifetime for the Return of Vishnu's Report
  9. Labyrinth
  10. Sonny Rollins
  11. Bass Folk Song No. 6 (Mo Anam Cara)
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Reverse Thread - Regina Carter

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best jazzOne of the most popular artists of his generation, has a very good violinist Regina Carter, a milestone in history that has produced their creative both artistic and commercial success. latest release, Reverse Thread, starts with a beautiful African music with traditional jazz and modern Afropop pouring energy. The result is fascinating, exciting and fun. Regina Strip back wire virtuoso creates Yacouba Sissoko on the kora - the West African harp, played by the traditional village storyteller - a rhythm section long. Sissoko beautiful instrumental voice in the mix with the spirit through stories from generation to generation to help you. Cooperation - unlike anything heard before - is a haunting and beautiful compliment to the violin Regina successful attempt. With their best-selling, Grammy-nominated albums, tours and appearances and collaborations ever, Regina has been a very diverse musical personality. He has on several occasions throughout the world and became the first jazz artist and African Americans, famous for playing Niccolo Paganini Guarneri "Cannon" violin. It is equipped with various symphony orchestras and performed with artists as diverse as pop Aretha Franklin Lauryn Hill, Billy Joel and Mary J. Blige. With Reverse Wire, Regina took a big step forward. In this era of jazz album of sweeping, which has little to inspire the imagination of music lovers, this beautiful, colorful and vivid, as an exploration of seduction perfect.

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To The One - John McLaughlin

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best jazzsaw his new album, on the one iconic guitarist, composer and 2010 Grammy-winner John McLaughlin in the same way and that. The six original song is very atmospheric - with a churning rhythmic waves, telepathy and the level of group interaction on the impact of large capital works of John Coltrane from 1965 A Love Supreme Court spiritual best jazz. One of the music recording in the studio with few overdubs, by applying the latest clothes McLaughlin, the fourth dimension: Gary Man (keyboards, drums), Etienne M'Bappe (bass) and Mark Mondesir (drums). The device was apparently of Coltrane compositions combined with elements of a multi-dimensional approach McLaughlin, all inspired by a group of empathy and a shared vision that comes to the mid-'60 quartet feared Coltrane Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison harkens. Impact of the kaleidoscopic approach to Jones' for the rhythm and percussion, deeply felt, brilliantly researched and reconstructed by McLaughlin gift for complex metric structures.

Track Listing

1. Discovery
2. Special Beings
3. The Fine Line
4. Lost and Found
5. Recovery
6. To the One

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