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Midnight Blue - Kenny Burrell

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best jazzMusic Kenny Burrell is a wonderful blend of elegance and confidence, the copyright music and restraint shown. During this session, in 1967, aided by guitarist permanent employees - Tenorist Stanley Turrentine, Ray Bar congas drummer, bassist and drummer Bill Major Holley England - and they focused on the color of the mixture smooth and rhythmic blues in a strong groove with a sense of reflection that night. There was never any mistake or unnecessary comment, Latin-funk hit "Chitlin Con Carne" in Burrell's solo sincere "Soul Lament" and concentrate on swing "Gee Baby, Is not I good to you." The result is a masterpiece, and Remastering 24-bit from the original engineer Rudy Van Gelder, increased space and privacy that has always been a hallmark of the session.
Track Listing

1. Chitlins con Carne
2. Mule
3. Soul Lament
4. Midnight Blue
5. Wavy Gravy
6. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
7. Saturday Night Blues
8. Kenny's Sound
9. K Twist [Not Part Of The Original Album

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