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Pure Ella: The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald

, Posted by Chika at 8:59 AM

best jazzIt's hard to choose between collections and work of Ella Fitzgerald Ken Burns Jazz collection issues. Although there is some overlap between the two, CD Burns' covers a wider sweep his career - in the mid-thirties version of AA-Tisket Tasket (the version here was recorded live in 1961) until the late sixties. Everything listed here sometimes in the late fifties and early sixties - Ella Fitzgerald's early, but unfortunately lost their jobs since the beginning.

However, if I really need to be limited to only one CD Ella Fitzgerald, it would be this one. Burns did not include a duet with Louis Armstrong "They can not Take Away From Me 'and' Summertime 'and there's music was never made, with more than their hearts Fitzgerald and Armstrong Honey. And the sound of sand paper together in a way that prevents play description and I 'll nominated their own version. "Summertime" as one of the best recordings ever made I can not hear too often .. If you do not have a copy, there is a big hole in your record collection - no, make a big hole in your life that need to be repaired.

In addition, while the voice offers CD Burns' beautiful and fun scatting Ella (Ella scatting is a cure for what you are sick), I think he changed his work shorter than ballads. 'Misty' and 'My Funny Valentine "should be on every intro to Ella Fitzgerald.

Things to remember about any introduction by Ella Fitzgerald, however, is that something just a note - to keep you until you have enough money to save the entire song. Once you do, is really a nice collection.
Track Listing

1. Mack the Knife
2. Blue Skies
3. A-Tisket, A-Tasket
4. They Can't Take That Away from Me
5. Misty
6. You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini)
7. Tea for Two
8. Love Is Here to Stay
9. Night and Day
10. My Funny Valentine
11. Boy from Ipanema
12. Too Marvelous for Words
13. Take the "A" Train
14. Summertime
15. How High the Moon
16. All the Things You Are
17. Over the Rainbow
18. Oh, Lady Be Good

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