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Speak No Evil - Wayne Shorter

, Posted by Chika at 5:43 AM

best jazzWayne Shorter composition help determine the style in the mid 60s jazz, fusion of the muscle is concentrated more hard bop with surprising intervals and often spacious melodies stay in defeat. The result is a new type of "cool", a mixture of coercion and freedom in contrast to the theme of the shortest in the field, and the tense tenor solo, and one that calls for creative interaction between the soloists and rhythm section. Band in a chair in 1964 is typical of the Blue Note group time, the staff is the most common and effective shorter. Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard pianist Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and drummer Elvin Jones merge their talents to music that is safe and well, sometimes the management of tension and relaxation at the same time to think.
Track Listing

1. Witch Hunt
2. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
3. Dance Cadaverous
4. Speak No Evil
5. Infant Eyes
6. Wild Flower
7. Dance Cadaverous [Alternate Take][#][*]

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