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To The One - John McLaughlin

, Posted by Chika at 2:28 AM

best jazzsaw his new album, on the one iconic guitarist, composer and 2010 Grammy-winner John McLaughlin in the same way and that. The six original song is very atmospheric - with a churning rhythmic waves, telepathy and the level of group interaction on the impact of large capital works of John Coltrane from 1965 A Love Supreme Court spiritual best jazz. One of the music recording in the studio with few overdubs, by applying the latest clothes McLaughlin, the fourth dimension: Gary Man (keyboards, drums), Etienne M'Bappe (bass) and Mark Mondesir (drums). The device was apparently of Coltrane compositions combined with elements of a multi-dimensional approach McLaughlin, all inspired by a group of empathy and a shared vision that comes to the mid-'60 quartet feared Coltrane Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison harkens. Impact of the kaleidoscopic approach to Jones' for the rhythm and percussion, deeply felt, brilliantly researched and reconstructed by McLaughlin gift for complex metric structures.

Track Listing

1. Discovery
2. Special Beings
3. The Fine Line
4. Lost and Found
5. Recovery
6. To the One

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