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Reverse Thread - Regina Carter

, Posted by Chika at 11:34 AM

best jazzOne of the most popular artists of his generation, has a very good violinist Regina Carter, a milestone in history that has produced their creative both artistic and commercial success. latest release, Reverse Thread, starts with a beautiful African music with traditional jazz and modern Afropop pouring energy. The result is fascinating, exciting and fun. Regina Strip back wire virtuoso creates Yacouba Sissoko on the kora - the West African harp, played by the traditional village storyteller - a rhythm section long. Sissoko beautiful instrumental voice in the mix with the spirit through stories from generation to generation to help you. Cooperation - unlike anything heard before - is a haunting and beautiful compliment to the violin Regina successful attempt. With their best-selling, Grammy-nominated albums, tours and appearances and collaborations ever, Regina has been a very diverse musical personality. He has on several occasions throughout the world and became the first jazz artist and African Americans, famous for playing Niccolo Paganini Guarneri "Cannon" violin. It is equipped with various symphony orchestras and performed with artists as diverse as pop Aretha Franklin Lauryn Hill, Billy Joel and Mary J. Blige. With Reverse Wire, Regina took a big step forward. In this era of jazz album of sweeping, which has little to inspire the imagination of music lovers, this beautiful, colorful and vivid, as an exploration of seduction perfect.

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