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Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock

, Posted by Chika at 6:11 AM

best jazzExtraordinary pianist Herbie Hancock's career with the surprisingly rock album - one of the first jazz album certified gold. Hancock also has a long career for a job as a floor member of Miles Davis Quintet of both classic and innovative of the 60 days feeding of the trumpet. As a leader, pianist, attended a course, the sound cut the two important dates (Maiden Voyage the islands of the sky) and experimental electric sessions (Sextant; and the program).

Headhunters different: a stripped by Bennie Maupin, trumpeter never Reedman, and funk-oriented rhythm section made up of Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason and Bill Summers. Hancock has traded her piano compositions advanced complex and simple melodies, slow-burning groove of funk, and a thin layer of electric keyboards. The result, especially on the right track "Chameleon" and "Watermelon Man" had a huge influence on other musicians, although critics charged Hancock with playing to the gallery. But this album has stood the test time - which is not imitation Hancock own wealth and the next album of this line is made.

Track Listing

1. Chameleon
2. Watermelon Man
3. Sly
4. Vein Melter

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