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A Love Supreme - John Coltrane

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best jazzA Love Supreme is a suite about redemption, a work of pure spirit and song, which is a summary of all the struggles and aspirations of the 1960s. After the foil in the wake of the lyrical, swinging Crescent, A Love Supreme Coltrane said the quest for spiritual and musical freedom expressed through polyrhythms, modalities, and purely vertical strange jazz purists, but This adventure lovers of most listeners (and rock fellow travelers such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream and Byrd), began a series of volatile, poorly prayers offered, including Kulu Su Mama Ascension, OM, Meditations, Expression, Interstellar Space. speech timbre and tone of urgency, for the simple serpentine textures and rhythmic drums, Elvin Jones, Coltrane's performance continued with increased intensity, the bearer of a political struggle, and the serenity prayer to the call in UAVs "Psalm," where bread and Jones rumbled like Thunder as Garrison and Tyner toll away makes sense - while Coltrane looking for decent historical peak of love, she wanted to share.
Track Listing

1. Love Supreme, Pt. 1: Acknowledgement
2. Love Supreme, Pt. 2: Resolution
3. Love Supreme, Pt. 3: Pursuance/Pt. 4: Psalm

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