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My One And Only Thrill - Melody Gardot

, Posted by Chika at 11:07 AM

best jazzThe incredible story of Melody Gardot to the effects of near-fatal accident on the sensations of the year 2008 is the voice does not exceed the most visible of the singer-songwriter 23 years in Philadelphia. Only one in a million votes in terms of soul.

Launched on the words of great talent, The Sunday Times, "the measure, with some poems, elegiac calm in the plane as" mucus after the conclusion of the repair. "Related to Heart album Melody" However, monitoring will be published April 2009, represents an important step forward "that me and" The Thrill. is a step in a very creative kind of difference between jazz and blues have a personal appeal to all that scary music lovers will be offered. As shown himself admitted in life, he takes and keeps the audience in the palm of his hand.
Eleven of these tracks, offering a range of emotions, all alone, except for Brazil Somewhere Over The Rainbow unbearable to take. This is the heart of stone to remain unmoved by the poignant title song My One and Only Thrill. And if the album is ready (as Irving Berlin wrote actually) song has ended but the melody sticks

Track Listing

1. Baby I'm A Fool
2. If The Stars Were Mine
3. Who Will Comfort Me
4. Your Heart Is As Black As Night
5. Lover Undercover
6. Our Love Is Easy
7. Les Etoiles
8. The Rain
9. My One And Only Thrill
10. Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind
11. Over The Rainbow
12. If The Stars Were Mine [Orchestral Version]

its all Best Jazz

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