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VOCAbuLarieS-Bobby Mcferrin

, Posted by Chika at 10:57 AM

best jazzTen Grammy Awards / vocal innovator Bobby McFerrin surprise us with another word, the first new release in eight years. As number 1 hit in the world, not Worry, Be Happy duo of multi-platinum album Hush Yo-Yo Ma, cellist, is based on "experience in multi-track recording Bobby, and continued exploration the ability of the human voice. Wordlists Music Bobby McFerrin -21 century. A collaboration with composer / arranger / producer Roger Treece, glossary contains more than five decades, the best singer in the world, each with a unique group and gradually virtual choir consists of over 1400 to create a vocal track. as carefully constructed as a Mozart symphony or an album by Steely Dan, the compound synthesized from the elements of style, vocabulary unlike other album ever recorded, but the music is always accessible, cheerful and friendly. Bobby celebrates the love of all dictionaries. kind of music, world of classical music, R & B with gospel and so on, build McFerrin explore the region and the world of the past. If the song Do not Worry, Be Happy "is everything you know about Bobby McFerrin, sit back and admire.

Track Listing

1. Baby
2. Say Ladeo
3. Wailers
4. Messages
5. The Garden
6. He Ran To The Train
7. Brief Eternity

its all Best Jazz

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