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Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall

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best jazzEvery year saw a crop of new best jazz gem is found, but rarely treated the audience to something special like this 1957 concert recording, and John Coltrane Thelonious Monk, who deliberately in a box without any sign found by the library of Congress Engineering in early 2005. Up until now, fans could only dream of hearing the two immortal play together outside the studio three songs they left behind. But here there is a limit in their step at the benefit concert by the stars, relax in the chemistry they had developed in Monk's quartet in the previous week at New York's Five-Spot. Coltrane style of playing is a revelation. This is both an accompanist and a solo inspired by electroplating, with music to new heights with his bold, sometimes interesting and challenging phrases liver, note clusters, and bursts of power. Sharing with Coltrane a new sense of freedom following the personal and professional problems experienced by both, Monk obviously happy to be in front Tenorist's, injecting humorous comments, and otherwise to enforce the eccentric pianist engineering. The material, which is very well received by the Voice of America, including the classic Monk like "Epistrophy," "Monk's Moods" and "documentation" and a version beautiful than the standard "sweet and pretty. Music is not only listenings birthday, but also need them - final definition of a classic.

Track Listing

1. Monk's Mood
2. Evidence
3. Crepuscule with Nellie
4. Nutty
5. Epistrophy
6. Bye-Ya
7. Sweet and Lovely
8. Blue Monk
9. Epistrophy [Incomplete Take]

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