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Maiden Voyage - Herbie Hancock

, Posted by Chika at 9:17 AM

best jazzIn the mid '60s, has developed a distinctive style postbop between young musicians at the Blue Note, a new synthesis which succeeded in blending the capital dimension of Miles Davis cool period, some of fire Blakey Art Blakey, and touches on the front of group interaction. Maiden Voyage was the work of the school with Hancock durable compositions like "Maiden Voyage" and "Dolphin Dance" mix of creative tension and resting quietly, with strong melodies, and airy, suspended harmonies that shape their images of sea trumpet Freddie Hubbard is a creative peak , stretching the boundaries of extraordinary technology in an effort to Master of Coltrane, as a warm-up 'Eyes "Storm, while disparaging tenor saxophonist George Coleman adds lyricism developed for the session.

Track Listing

1. Maiden Voyage
2. Eye of the Hurricane
3. Little One
4. Survival of the Fittest
5. Dolphin Dance

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