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Mingus Ah Um - Charles Mingus

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Mercurial bassist and bandleader Charles Mingus was signed by Columbia Records for the shortest period of 1959. Columbia Records, jumping atmosphere is a little more inspired in the history of jazz. Derived from the pain "Goodbye porkpie hat (not published for the first time on CD!) Rings like a funeral choir pitches headlong into a celebration of life, Lester Young and flexibility to improvise, not death. And there an explosion of funky "Boogie Stop Shuffle" (waves unpublished) that glory with Booker Ervin content Texas! Saxophone reached port tight bluesy tone. Index of emotions captured, the songs nail why Mingus is probably the most relevant to the generation Jazzers 90s. He and calls and calls and antics on the music The second step up the intensity. desperate desire to reach for or with their tapestry of orchestral color words.

Track Listing

1. Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul
2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [Unedited Form]
3. Boogie Stop Shuffle [Unedited Form]
4. Self-Portrait in Three Colors
5. Open Letter to Duke [Unedited Form]
6. Bird Calls [Unedited Form]
7. Fables of Faubus
8. Pussy Cat Dues
9. Jelly Roll
10. Pedal Point Blues [*]
11. GG Train [*]
12. Girl of My Dreams [*]

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