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Monk's Dream - Thelonious Monk Quartet

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best jazzOriginally released in early 1963, Monk's Dream is the debut album by Thelonious Monk on Columbia. At this time the record (boxing session on Halloween, 1962), he was one of the leading figures in modern jazz. His move to Columbia in another company some time and talent for commercial success, Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck and his stable quartet with tenor saxophonist few years Charlie Rouse (with him since 1958), bassist John Ore and drummer Frankie Dunlop. This album marks set the format for future work in the next ten years: a pair of standards mixed with the original, most of which was previously in his career (only new compositions including "Bright Mississippi", although a variant of the harmonic structure of "Sweet Georgia Brown") But This show is Monk. in the bubbling good spirits. His explosion of discovery and play with relaxation and tranquility, with a well-deserved rise Sub-known critic of his career. in his day, Monk's Dream wealthy confidence band at its peak.

Track Listing

1. Monk's Dream [Take 8]
2. Body and Soul [Re-Take 2]
3. Bright Mississippi [Take 1]
4. Blues Five Spot
5. Blue Bolivar Blues [Take 2]
6. Just a Gigolo
7. Bye-Ya
8. Sweet and Lovely
9. Monk's Dream [Take 3][*]
10. Body and Soul [Take 1][#][*]
11. Bright Mississippi [Take 3][#][*]
12. Blue Bolivar Blues [Take 1][#][*]

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